Getting it right all the time in life is not always possible. This is no different in the business world. There is always a need of a trusted partner to hold a mirror where blind spots can be sported. For this partner to add value, they have to have to be aligned with your vision and to your goals. However, objectivity, impartiality and understanding of the landscape you operate in are critical.

San Advisory Solutions (SAS) understands the challenges faced by business in creating strategies that integrate systems, customers, people, stakeholders and still maximise return on investment. This is why we exist. We have seen it all. We are the partner you have always needed. Your business is guaranteed independent biased advice in a language you understand in a manner that you can easily implement. We really and literally speak your language.


After 20 years of corporate life and interacting with fellow executives, legislatures, consultants, we felt the business space needed some fresh thinking. We decided to be the change we wanted to see despite swimming against the tide. We incorporated client advocacy as a key component of business strategy. We put transparency at the heart of everything we do – in terms of our client interactions and in the advice we gave to our clients. It was not easy and it continues to be difficult. But we continue to trail the blaze. We believe in creating simple solutions for successful organisations.

We are inspired by the San People- who are the first hunter-gatherers of Southern Africa. We hunt for different ways of doing things through research, we gather and synthesize the information for our specific clients and are extremely adaptive to the environments and markets where our clients operate. We simplify complexity.


To be the first choice for independent, credible and trusted advisory firm in the markets in which we operate.


Simplicity, Accuracy, Nobility. Transparency is at the core of everything we do.


Business Operation Improvements & Acceleration

With ever-increasing competition, success is not only determined by the number of clients one lands but how one delivers to those clients.

We offer business process re-engineering. We look at the complete value chain and explore the best way to integrate client requirements, legislative hurdles, governance/risk requirements, staff capabilities and management reports. In cases where there have been system enhancements, we review, map and optimise processes so that maximum benefits from the systems transformation are realised.

Data Cleansing

One of the biggest challenges facing organisations is inaccurate data. Whether its duplicate record, mismatches, we roll up our sleeves and use proven data science techniques to get the data to be as it should be.

We have a four-stage approach: 1. discover, 2. define, 3. apply and 4. monitor. We take our clients through this methodology and customise it to their needs.

Governance & Risk Management

Most organisations will set governance as a tick box mechanism. Not only do we use our expertise to recommend the best practice governance structure, but we also go an extra mile. We believe having the right structure is not sufficient. It has to have people with the right qualifications and ability to add value to the organisation. If we do not have the mandate to source, we leave clear specs as to who should be on the governance structure.

On the risk side, we create a bulletproof framework that is in line with audit rule, policies procedures and the overall control environment. This is done with full cooperation of the client as every business faces different regulatory environments.

We build as many lines of defence as is efficient. Everything we do is to ensure business sustainability.

High-Performance culture & People Centrism

One of the key competitive tools available to organisations is the people they bring in and how they are treated. As the cliché’ goes, the people are the most important asset. No two organisations are the same. We help our clients understand their operating environments and what kind of people they ought to attract and retain. Through our VISA ( Visionaries Interdependencies Structured Action) model, we help channel and deploy people according to their strengths.

We also perform SEARCH and HEAD HUNTING assignments for our select clients.

Through third-party arrangements, we also facilitate client specific training interventions.

Economic analysis & Strategy advisory

This is the founding service of the business. With more than 30 years’ joint experience asset management and banking, we offer our client an economic evaluation of their business. We perform pre and post -feasibility studies on large projects and investment.

On the strategy side, we either co-create strategy with the organisation or provide a robust input and tests to existing strategy. We build a reporting framework that ensures clarity of deliverables. These are aligned with the existing process, governance requirements, governance and risk parameters.



Parveen is responsible for People Centrism & Economic Analysis.

Parveen is experienced in asset consulting and management with well-established companies. She gained invaluable experiences as a retirement fund consultant, director, independent trustee, retirement fund trustee, and independent trustee training practitioner.

With 19 years of experience, Praveen has the following qualifications:

  • The Institute of Financial Markets (MIFM);
  • BCom (Economics and Business Economics) degree;
  • FAIS & FSP Representative;
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching (COMENSA & ICF affiliated)


Msizi is responsible for Strategy.

Msizi has worked extensively in property asset management, project management and manufacturing. Msizi has advised clients on various disciplines including business development, training, executive coaching, strategic planning, and workshop facilitation. Recently his work focused on transformation and enterprise development.

With 16 years of experience, Msizi has the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science; MBA


Sandra is responsible for Data Cleansing.

She has professional experiences in the financial services industry, especially in the actuarial space. Her skills include member fund benefit calculations, member payment, and statutory actuarial valuations. She is also skilled in systems development, testing and data analysis. She takes pride in the importance and accuracy of clean data for both pension and provident funds.

Sandra has 19 years of experience.


Cindy is responsible for Business Operation Acceleration.

With a focus on business systems analysis, Cindy has developed a career in asset management. She has experience in designing and defining processes, ensuring straight through processing (STP) of trading data, and the upkeep of system data flows.

With 16 years of experience, Cindy has the following qualifications:

  • BCom (honours) in Management Information Systems;
  • National Certificate in Financial Markets


Adelaide heads up Governance & Risk.

As an attorney, Adelaide specialized in litigious and non-litigious employment law. As a management consultant, she applied her legal background to organizational design, legal risk and governance, and feasibility studies for the water and transport sectors.

With 10 years of experience, Adelaide has the following qualifications:

  • LLB Degree; Financial Management certificate;
  • Commercial Mediation certificate.
  • Currently completing her LLM.


Sanele is our Founder and Principal consultant. He heads up Strategy & Economic advisory as well as High-performance culture.

Sanele has been an executive in large corporates, a business advisory, and an investment advisor. Recently he worked on transport economics, local economic development, and government business. Sanele is result-driven and focuses on quantifiable business improvements. He believes in ethics, governance and the greater good.

With 20 years of experience, Sanele has the following qualifications:

  • Bcom (Economics and Finance) degree;
  • Project Management certificate.


Below is an executive summary of the work we have been involved in. Please contact us so that we can discuss the details of the case studies you are interested in.

Business transformation assignment which involved migrating retirement funds record from black screen legacy system to a window based systems. The fund had 66 000 active members and 105 000 pensioners. Total Funds under management  51 bn ZAR with approximately 3,5 million ZAR contributions PA.  The assignment involved business process review of the existing process and mapping all transactions into the new system, working with the technology provider.

Automation of all claims processes for a retirement fund administration business. Also Meant BPR, increasing the claims process by 46 %.

Setting up a governance structure for the first transport authority in South Africa.

Project Management for Air to Rails project and creating partnerships to enable implementation.

Providing a scarce resource for one of the premier Asset management and private banking institutions in SA (with a global footprint).

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